All creative, written and artistic works are property of Martha Lynn Laskie, the artist/author] and may not be recreated, distributed or applied for purposes of profit without express written consent of artist/author. Upon distribution, said artistic works shall be under direct supervision of Martha Lynn Laskie to ensure artistic and professional integrity of every piece created by artist/author.

Pricing shall be determined by job by job basis and shall be agreed upon by Martha L. Laskie and client. Printingcosts, quantity, and specifications determine pricing. Basic design charges shall be subject to every job, or a flat fe shall be agreed upon by the customer and artist/author. Hourly design and illustration rates are subject to change based on industry standards.  

Pricing and costs are provided by AIGA basic pricing standards, with the Graphic Artist Guild guide to ethical pricing and proceeders. 

A 50% non refundable deposit shall be placed for all works under agreement by client and artist/author.  All printed works shall be proofed, and signed off by client before they go to finalized print.  We are not responsible for mistakes made by client.  Last minutes edits, changes, or deviation form original design will be allowed upon timely request of client, however may be subject to additional vendor costs.

No piece shall be created without express written sign off by client for approval, and a signature shall always be provided by client for approval to be processed. Digital signatures shall be provided via e-mail. 

All personal information shall be kept for a period of two weeks and then destroyed to protect client identity and prevent identity theft.

If a customer is not satisfied with the quality of work presented, the customer has the right to sever contract, will be refunded, or may choose to change design/layout or printing style at their will,  but will be subject to basic design time charges or differences in vendor charges.

All paper stocks, supplies and imagery has be purchased by Martha Lynn Laskie and are chosen with the customers best interest in mind.  Paper samples and print sample may be provided and are subject to proofing fees depending on vendor. Only high quality stocks and printing options will be given to clients, low-end and poor quality options are not available by Martha Lynn Laskie Graphic Design & Illustration.

Vendor charges vary, and client may incur rush charges as per specify vendor specifications, as approved by artist/author and client. There will never be any hidden fees or cost the client is not given advance notice of. Rush charges or delivery cost may apply as per client demand. Delivery provided by Martha Lynn Laskie herself, or provided via FEDEX.

Martha Lynn Laskie reserves the right to deny service in the event the client exhibits inappropriate behavior or crude content. No "bridezillas". Martha Lynn Laskie provides a friendly and professional customer service, and expects the same in return.

Full Identity Systems and logos for any and all companies are total property of Martha Lynn Laskie Graphic Design & Illustration. Application of any kind of identity system shall be under full direction of artist/author and must be approved for both creative direction and application by said artist/author. All concepts, designs, typefaces, artwork and layout are under direct supervision of Martha Lynn Laskie and upon change must be approved by artist/author. No logo, or any part of design shall be changed in any way without express written consent of Martha Lynn Laskie and sign off by client. All conceptual design, layouts or sketches will be kept for archive purposes.